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Repair Books, Do it yourself kits, & Supplies
Repair Books ~
Instruction Book for the Doll Hospital and Schoenhut Doll Repair. This book also has nice diagrams of how these wood dolls are put together.
Or you can buy both Schoenhut Books $8.00
Schoenhut Dolls ~ Perfection Art Dolls ~ Over 20 pages filled with photo's of Early Schoenhut dolls. Great reference on the Schoenhut doll.  Originally put out by the Schoenhut company in 1912  $8.00

Or you can buy both Schoenhut Books ~ $14.00

The Handbook of Basic Doll Repair ~ Restinging, Replacing Eyes, Repairing Body's and wigs, and so much more $8.00

Excerpts From a Doll Hospital ~ Over 50 pages of doll repair with diagrams from an Old Doll Hospital Manuel $10.00

Doll Hospital Manuel ~ Over 60 pages covering China, Porcelain, Bisque, & Wax dolls. Crying dolls and others. Very complete. Nice addition to the doll hospital. $10.00

Doll Hospital Series NOTES FROM A DOLL MEDIC ~ Excerpts from Toy Manu. and toy Making by J.T. Makinson An instruction book for the doll hospital on 1920's Formulas for Making Composition $8.00

Talk to Me! Books by Ben Truwe ~ Talky Tina Press Repair Manuals and Parts Kits for the Mattel Pullstriing Talking Dolls. Talking Doll Repair Books for all types of talking dolls. If you are interested in learning how to repair Talking Dolls (Chatty Cathy, Soft Bodied, Small Talk, Barbie, GI Joe, Suzy Smart and others) these books are for you. Please click on this link to order the Talk To Me books.
Talky Tina Press

Wigs and Wigmaking ~ by Marge Gathercole Rex
41 Pages on Wigs. Making the wig cap, wig making, wig repair and so much more. $10.00

Doll Making Books and Manuals

Apple & Doughhead Dollmaking by Mrs. F.H. Taylor ~ Clothes Patterns Included.
Very nice book on the Art of Apple Head Doll Making $4.00