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Modern Dolls
Below is a listing of some of the Dolls available for Sale. We are continually adding to this list. If you are interested in a doll please note the number of the doll in ordering. Please email me if you would like more pictures or information on a doll or dolls listed on this page and I'll be happy to answer all of your questions and also send you additional pictures.
We do offer a very easy Lay-a-way Plan.   Please email for more info.
Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance.  Prices listed are negotiable.  
Thank you for visiting our site.  

                                                         ****** Sale ******
For a limited time - All dolls on this page are 1/2 price - email us for more information or if you have any questions.

#IP1-69 Peyton James ~ $80.00
Peyton James is made by Artist Rosemary Rhodes and put out by the Treasured Heirloom Collection.  He is a Limited Edition and is numbered 466 of 2000.  He is quite heavy and can wear children's clothing and shoes.  He is wearing an adorable sailor outfit with matching hat, shoes, and socks.  He stands approx. 30" tall.   He comes with his hang tag and original box.  Originally sold in 1997 for $95.00

#IP2-63 ~ $58.00
Vanessa ~ Court of Dolls
The delicately sculptured porcelain is meticulously hand painted in exquisite detail.  Her costume beautifully crafted in fine fabrics with a matching hat.  She has beautiful hair swept back in curls.  She stands 29" tall.  She is a limited edition doll and is numbered 1086 of 5000.  She also comes with a stand and a set of pearls.  Originally sold for $79.00 in 1997

 #IP3-68 Joan ~ $52.00
Welden Museum of Fine Collectables - Joan is an adorable little girl created especially for the Precious Princess Collection.  She has the most beautiful curly locks and loving blue eyes.  She is just a precious sight in her shimmering pink dress trimmed in delicate white lace.  Her exquisite dress is adorned with dainty faux pearls and tiny rosebuds.  Atop her lovely head is a large bow accented with pearls and lace.  She also has a matching parasol and stand.  She is a Limited Edition Worldwide to 2500 and is numbered 1741.  Originally sold for $68.00 in 1998

#IP4-103 Annette  ~ $78.00
Annette ~ William Tung Collection ~ Annette is dressed in fine Victorian style.  She has an adorable realistic expression of kindness on her face.  With her abundance of curls and striking violet eye's, you will want Annette to be a part of your collection for years to come.  She is beautifully dressed with a matching hat.  The hat and outfit have a lot of detail and really add to her overall appeal.   She is approx. 30" tall.  She is hand numbered to insure authenticity.  The serial number 181/1500.  She comes with her own stand.

#IP5-65 Priscilla ~ $68.00
Priscilla is part of the Treasured Heirloom Collection by World Gallery Dolls and Collectables.
She is beautifully detailed with an exquisite outfit and matching hat.  Her outfit is trimmed with lace and faux pearls.  With bloomers and crinoline slip, lace stockings and matching shoes trimmed with lace and pearls.... She looks just like the little Victorian girls of yesteryear.  She is part of a low numbered limited edition.  583/2000
She comes with her own stand.  Originally sold for $115.00 in 1997.

#IP6-102 Lacey ~ Designer Series by William Tung ~ $78.00
This beautiful Southern Bell will stroll right into your heart.  Lacey has on an exquisite ruffled pink dress.  From the top of her head with her lovely hat accented with cream flowers to the tip of her toes, with her cream shoes with pink flowers she is a magnificent creation.  Her long flowing blonde hair cascades over her shoulders and down her back.  She is a doll you will treasure forever.  She is approx. 25" tall.  She is individually hand-numbered to insure its authenticity.  The Serial number is 79/2000.

#IP7-62 ~ $82.00
Here is a Beautiful Bride Doll made for Court of Dolls.
She is exquisitely dressed in a beautiful strapless wedding gown with sleeves that start off the shoulder.  Her dress is satin with lace trim and faux pearls.  She has a beautiful satin train that is detachable in the back.  Her look is the epitome of serenity as she prepares to walk down the aisle.  She wears a simple but elegant pearl necklace and satin slippers and carries a cascading bouquet of flowers in light pastel colors, with satin ribbons and streamers of pearls.  She is approx. 26" tall.  She is a Limited Edition Doll - Number 4204/5000.

#IP8 Maxine ~ $48.00
Designer Series by William Tung
Maxine is just as sweet as she can be.  She is dressed in a charming lacy dress, accented with ribbons and rosettes.  Her eyes sparkle with delight as will yours the first time you take her into your arms.  She does have an area on the back of her dress that is discolored a bit.  Not real noticeable but needed to be mentioned.  She has been individually hand-numbered to insure its authenticity.  The Serial number is 477/4000.  She is approx. 24" tall and comes with her own stand.  Originally sold for $59.00 in 1997.

#IP9-67 $55.00
Little Sparkle ~ By Renowned Artist and Fashion Designer, Rustie.
Welden Museum of Fine Collectibles
Little Sparkle is an adorable little girl created by Rustie.  She will win your heart with her adorable blue eyes and soft blonde hair.  Her delightful dress is shimmering pink satin with a multitude of rumes and rows of flowery lace.  The bodice of the dress is adorned with an appliqué of sparkling sequins and faux pearls.  Her matching bonnet is trimmed in white lace with appliqués of shimmering sequins.  Little Sparkle is truly a fine work of art brought to you with love, from Rustie.
She is approx. 18" tall.   She is Limited Edition of only 5000 Worldwide and is numbered 2699.  Originally sold for $84.00 in 1997.

IP11-19  Brandi ~ $22.00
Brandi is an original Brinn's Collectible Edition Doll.  She is exclusively designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans to appeal to the discriminating collector.  She is approx. 18" tall and is dressed in a white and light blue dress trimmed in cotton eyelet.

IP12-28  Katie ~ $30.00
Readin and writin and rithmetic.  Taught to the tune of the hickory stick.  It's 1907 and the song "School Days" has just sold 3,000,000 copies of sheet music.  Children everywhere hum about "bashful beaus" and "queens in calico" as they stroll to the local schoolhouse.  And none more devotedly than our young scholar, "Katie"!
Katie is lovingly dressed for the first day of school.  Her mother worked for hours to complete the navy blue middy uniform and trim it with white soutache braid and satin ribbons.  Katie's white stockings and Mary Janes are spotless.  The jaunty navy beret she wears atop her glossy hair was a gift from her grandmother.
She stands approx.  15" tall.

IP13-44  Daphne ~ $36.00
A Show Stoppers porcelain edition doll.
What a darling.  And ready to grab all of your attention.   She is approx. 14" tall.

IP14-81  Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary ~ $68.00
"Mary, Mary" may not be five yet, but she's a strong-willed little girl who knows exactly what she wants.  Now that her mother has taught her to plant a little pail full of flowers, her very own "garden", nobody is going to tend to them but 'Mary" herself.  This doll is the first issue in the Dianna Effner's Mother Goose collection.  An exclusive edition for the Edwin M. Knowles China Company.  She is approx. 15" tall and comes with her own watering can and pail of flowers.

IP15-72 ~ $42.00
Little Red Riding Hood ~ First issue in the European Fairy Tales collection, designed by Gaby Rademann for the Ashton-Drake Galleries.
Gaby Rademann's "Little Red Riding Hood" doll captures the charming fairy tale character just as we remember her from listening to this story as children.  "Little Red Riding Hood" seems to step right out of the world of fairy tales, wearing her hooded wool cape, calico jumper with cotton apron, and matching lace-trimmed pantaloons.  Her face is full of innocent charm as she makes her way to grandma's house.  
She is approx. 18" tall.  

IP16-31  Ashley ~ $22.00
What are little girls made of?  Sugar, spice and everything nice!  Plus lots of love, sweet smiles and adoring eyes that melt your heart.  Just like "Ashley," an irresistible little girl all dressed up in her Sunday best, with a basket of spring flowers just for you.
Ashley is approx. 16" tall.

 IP17-17  Betsy ~ $32.00
Betsy is an original Brinn's Collectible Edition Doll.  She is exclusively designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans to appeal to the discriminating collector.  She is approx. 18" tall and is dressed in a pink flowered dress with a white pinafore and white crinoline petticoat.  She wears a white floral headband in her hair and carries a basket of flowers.  

IP18-98  Kim ~ 25.00
Kim is a limited edition, 1st Impressions, Hand crafted porcelain doll.  Numbered 241296.  She is approx. 24" tall and is beautifully dressed in a dress of Fall colors with a matching hat and pantalets'.

IP19-104  Cracker Jack - Limited Edition Collector Doll ~ $35.00
Sailor Jack and his dog Bingo have appeared on the front of Cracker Jack packaging since 1918.  A unique collaboration between two world-renowned doll artists, Sailor Jack is an original sculpt by Linda Steele and Bingo is by Pat Kolesar.
Created in commemoration of their 80th anniversary, this musical Sailor Jack and Bingo pay homage to America's favorite pastime, and to the 90th anniversary of the famous song Sailor Jack plays.  They have been issued exclusively by the Designer Guild Collection in an edition limited to 100 production days.
He is 17" tall and comes with his dog Bingo and a box of Cracker Jacks.

IP20-70 $38.00
Dana is a beautiful little girl doll made by Royal Treasures Collection.  She is a limited edition and hand numbered.   She is approx. 31" tall.   She is dressed in a darling dress with a sheer white pinafore over that.  She has long auburn red hair that is slightly pulled back with a pink ribbon.
She has porcelain head and shoulder plate, arms, and legs, and a cloth body.  Originally sold for $69.90 in 1998.

IP21-60  Susie ~ $32.00
Susie is made by Court of Dolls.   She is approx. 18" to 19" tall and is dressed in a lovely white dress trimmed in pink and white lace and ribbon with pink rosette roses.  She is also wearing a crinoline slip and matching hair bows in her hair.  With brown hair and brown eye's, this little darling is sure to pull at your heartstrings.

 IP22-90  Anna ~ $65.00
Anna ~ Annual Bride ~ by Dynasty Doll Collection.   This Dynasty Doll is crafted of the finest bisque porcelain parts.  Designed by and exclusively for Dynasty Dolls.  She is ready for her "Big Day" and everyone awaits her walk down the aisle.   Her dress is gorgeous and comes with a long train and veil.  Every detail has been made and she holds a bouquet just waiting for the moment when she will toss it.  The pictures just don't do her justice.  She is approx. 23" tall.

 IP23-96  Val ~ $40.00
Val is Gorgeous.  This 24" Porcelain Girl put out by 1st Impressions is Porcelain and exquisitely dressed with a matching hat.  She is ready for anything.  Her sweet expression and beautiful green eye's melt your heart.   She has beautiful auburn colored hair that is full of curl.  She is a hand crafted porcelain doll and is a limited edition.  A wonderful addition to any doll collection.

  IP24-66  Rudy Tootie ~ $25.00
Rudy Tootie ~ A Musical Doll is a Betty Jane Carter Doll.  Betta Ball, internationally known doll designer, has created a "Perfect Pet" for you, a cherished possession and a collector's treasure.  
This charming hand painted porcelain animal doll is attired in original costume and created with the same quality of design and attention to detail as her award winning "people" dolls.
Ms. Ball's dolls are in the permanent collections of many museums worldwide.
Rudy Tootie is approx. 17" tall and plays "I Could Have Danced All Night".
Limited Edition - 2944/5000

IP25-101  Cindy ~ $45.00
Cindy is a charming girl.  She is ready for an outing.   Wearing a beautiful silk dress with a large matching bow in her hair.  Her outfit brings out the color in her gorgeous blue eye's.  She stands approx. 24" tall.   Cindy is a hand crafted, limited edition doll by 1st Impressions.

 IP26-95  Meg ~ $32.00
Meg designed for 1st Impressions is a 24" Porcelain girl doll.   She is dressed in a darling blue dress trimmed in lace and accented with light blue ribbons.   She has long beautiful curls and a hair bow that goes across the top of her head and matches her dress.  

IP27-71  Heather ~ $55.00
Heather is Hand painted and Limited Edition doll made exclusively for World Dolls.   She is dressed in layer and layers of lace with matching pantaloons.   Her curly hair is topped with a wreath of flowers and a big pink satin ribbon accents the waist on her dress.  She carries a basket holding her precious kitty.  Heather is 25" tall.  What a sweetheart she is and she's definitely ready to come into your home and into your heart.

IP28-99  Nan ~ $28.00
Nan is a hand crafted porcelain doll by 1st Impressions.  She is approx. 24" tall.   She is dressed so perfectly with such detail and grace.  Her outfit is beautifully accented with care.  She carries a matching parasol.  Nan will make a wonderful addition to any collection.

IP29-100  Marlena ~ $30.00
Marlena is a hand crafted porcelain doll by 1st Impressions.  She is approx. 24" tall and is dressed her blue satin finery.  She has curls that shape her face and her outfit brings out the beautiful color of her eye's.

IP30-97  Lisha ~ $42.00
Lisha is a beautiful porcelain girl put out by 1st Impressions.  She is exquisitely dressed and her outfit has a darling matching hat.   She stands approx. 24" tall.

 IP31-61  Kitty ~ $22.00
Kitty is a delicately sculptured porcelain doll meticulously hand painted in exquisite detail.  The costume is beautifully fashioned in fine fabrics and crafted with pride by skilled artisans.   She is approx. 18" tall and comes with her kitty in a basket making it easy for her to take her along wherever she goes.
She is a limited edition doll and numbered 663/2000  Originally sold for $40.00

 IP32-85  Dawn ~ $32.00
Dawn may be on a field trip for her school, or possible this old fashioned girl is on a family outing.  Whichever it is, she is dressed in her Sunday best blue dress with plum accents and a lace jabot at her neck, and she is wearing her charming straw hat while she searches for seashells to put in her bucket.   Her doll stand has a decorative cover which provides some sea shells for her search.
Beautifully designed by Vincent J. DeFilippo for Designer Guild Collection.  She is numbered 205 of 12,000 Worldwide.
She is approx. 19" tall.

 IP33-22  Sailor Girl by Joiner ~ $22.00
Sailor Girl is exclusively designed by the Joiner Co.  Each doll has been carefully handcrafted and inspected and is warranted to be of collectable quality.  She is dressed in a darling sailor outfit and is ready for the beach.  She is approx. 18 1/2" tall and is numbered 20/250.

 IP34-23  Sailor Boy by Joiner ~ $22.00
Sailor Boy is exclusively designed by the Joiner Co.  Each doll has been carefully handcrafted and inspected and is warranted to be of collectable quality.  He is dressed in a darling sailor outfit and is ready for the beach.  He is approx. 18 1/2" tall and is numbered 25/250.

IP35-64  Honey ~ $38.00
Honey by Linda Lee Sutton is part of the Premiere Artists Collection.
Honey depicts the realism of one of Linda Lee Sutton's own children.  She calls her children "Honey" and this little child deserves the same.  She was sculpted from an antique chalk drawing.  Her big smile and big blue eyes tug at your heartstrings as she looks up seeking approval.
Her dress is done in soft multicolored pastels.  Her slip has yards and yards of frilly lace which add a feminine touch to this little cutie.  Accented with adorable satin slippers.
Honey is a limited edition doll and made of the finest quality porcelain.  She is also signed by the artist.

IP36 ~ $24.00
Here is a beautiful porcelain girl that is dressed in her Sunday's finery.  Accented with lace and mint colored ribbons.  She is approx. 24" tall.  

IP37 ~ $18.00
Here is a beautiful girl dressed in a green velvet dress with a striped apron.  The neckline trimmed in lace with a pearl accent.  Her hair swept up into a bun.  She looks ready for the Holidays.
She is approx. 18" tall.  She was made by DuckHouse Products.  Quality Heirlooms to Remember.

IP38 -73  Alicia ~ $52.00
Sometimes, on rainy days, "Alicia's" mother lets her play in the attic.  This imaginative little girl loves to browse among the interesting things that are stored there.  Today, she opens a fine, old trunk to reveal so many pretty things!  There's a beautiful, lacy dress, worn by a little girl long ago.  A long string of "pearls," and a glorious hat with a big, pink rose on the front.  Alicia is delighted.  In moments she and her bear put on as many of the items as they can and both share a very special moment of childhood.  She is approx. 12" tall on bending knees.
She is part of an edition that ended forever on December 31, 1993.
This playful love of pretty things has inspired artist Corinne Layton's first doll designs for the Ashton-Drake Galleries.

IP39 - 89  Natalie ~ $22.00
Designed by world famous doll artists and sculptors, Studio Edition Dolls represent the epitome of the doll makers are, and only the best are selected for inclusion in this fine series.  Natalie is a beautifully made porcelain girl doll dressed in her peach finery trimmed in lace.  Her matching hat perfectly accents her look.  She is approx.  18" tall and comes with a sweet bear.

 IP40 - 39  ~ $18.00
This sweet girl was made and sold by Kingstate - The Doll Crafter.   She is dressed and ready for school.  Wearing a dress with a darling pinafore and a straw hat to match, she's excited.  Summer was fun, but getting back to school to meet up with her friends will be even more fun.

IP41 - 30  Sailor Girl ~ $10.00
Sailor girl is ready for a day on the open sea.  She is sold by Collectible Porcelain Dolls and is 15" tall.   Dressed in Sailor type knickers with a matching top, and topped with an adorable matching hat, she's ready for anything.

 IP42 - 27  Destany ~ $26.00
The Wimbledon Collection presents a hand painted, hand sewn Porcelain collector doll - Destany.
She is dressed in a white dress and bloomers that are topped with an adorable bonnet.  She stands approx.  17" tall and looks so cute poised in a sitting position.   But she does come with her stand for those moments when she doesn't want to sit.

 IP43 - 78  Elizabeth $42.00
Ashton Drake presents an original issue in the From This Day Forward Collection.Designed by artist Phil Tumminio in an exclusive edition for the Ashton Drake Galleries.  In the style of her wedding gown and veil, the accessories she chooses, and her lavish use of lace, Elizabeth maintains the legacy of the century just past.  The richness of the Victorian tradition and its emphasis on proper etiquette and bridal fashion.
She is approx. 20" tall.

 IP44 - 84  Brenna ~ $42.00
Brenna made by artist Jamie Englert and sold by Designer Guild Collections.  Brenna has an impish and yet inquisitive look on her face.  Dressed in a darling flowing dress with a bouquet of freshly picked flowers in her hand, she looks ready for anything.  Her curly hair is topped with a lavender bow that matches the ribbon used in her bouquet.   She is approx. 21" tall.  Originally sold for $68.50 in 1997.

IP45 - 32 Victorian Collection $14.95
Here is an exquisitely dressed porcelain girl.  Her velveteen dress with matching hat is embellished with embroidery appliqué and beads.  She is ready for the Holidays and not a detail has been missed.  She also carries her black matching bag.  She is approx. 16" tall.

 IP46 - 33 Victorian Collection $14.95
Here is another beauty by Victorian Collection.  She is also dressed for the Holidays.  Wearing a burgundy velveteen dress accented with flowers and layers of netting under the dress.  Her curls softly fall around her face.  She is gorgeous.

 IP47 ~ $15.00
This girl doll looks like she's ready to go to Grandma's for Christmas dinner.  Dressed in green velveteen with wide lace trim and wearing a matching bonnet styled hat.  She also carries a matching green velveteen and lace draw string purse.

 IP48  Shelby ~ $10.00
Margie Costa has created Shelby, the cute little girl who's gone to the circus and gotten lots of balloons for all of her friends.  Shelby has an original and expressive face sculpted by Margie Costa.  Her outfit is done in pink with ribbon and lace trim.  She stands 14" tall.

 IP49-26  Bride ~ $22.00
"Here comes the bride" and isn't she beautiful.  Dressed in white with pink accents and a pink flowered bouquet.  She is ready for her big day.  After all, she's dreamed of this day all of her life.  She is part of the Semour Mann Connoisseur Collection and is approx. 17" tall.  She comes with her stand.

 IP50 - 88  Laurel ~ $18.00
It's Christmas morning and she couldn't be more ready!  Laurel - made by the Dynasty Doll Collection is crafted of the finest bisque porcelain parts.  Designed exclusively for the Dynasty doll collection she is a limited edition production limited to a maximum of 6000 worldwide.  She stands approx. 16" tall.

 IP51 - 37  Betsy  $38.00
This is a "Name Your Own Doll" by the Winbleton Collection.  The designer series original sculptures by Gustave and Gretchen Wolff.  This little darling dressed in her sailor attire looks like she's saying "Oh Look, Mommy!"  " A Bird!"   Ready for the beach, just to play in the sand, she stands approx.  17" tall.

 IP52 - 11  Irene ~ $18.00
The JMISA Collection is proud to present Irene.  She is a fine bisque porcelain, handcrafted doll.  Dressed in a fashion designed costume of sea green, unique to its character.  She stands approx. 15" tall.

 IP53  Ashley ~ $22.00
Ashley made by The Broadway Collection is dressed for cool weather in a gorgeous dress and matching hat.  Her soft blonde curls fall around her face.  She is approx. 12" tall and has such a sweet expression.

 IP54 - 87  Honey ~ $10.00
Honey is a sweet baby girl made by Dynasty Dolls.  She has adorable little baby feet and doesn't stand without the help of a stand.  She does however sit and looks so sweet when sitting.  She is approx. 12" standing.  She is wearing a pastel blue floral dress with white sleeves and pantaloons.  It is lace trimmed.  She has a pink bow in her hair.

 IP55 - 83  Goldilocks ~ $68.00
Goldilocks is an original edition in the Heroines from the Fairy Tale Forests collection by Dianna Effner for the Edwin M. Knowles China Company.  Goldilocks has her bowl of porridge.  Once she's eaten it will be time for a nap.   She stands approx. 14" tall and is such a sweet doll.  

 IP57  ~ $14.00
This little gal sold by Collector's Porcelain Dolls is just as sweet as she can be dressed in her Sunday's best.  She is approx.  15 1/2" tall.

 IP59-18  Abby ~ $22.00
Abby is a Brinn's Collectable doll.  She stands approx. 17 1/2" tall and is dressed in a darling peach floral overall set.  She has the cutest pink and white tennis shoes and is dressed and ready for a day at the park.  Her sweet expression with open mouth and glass set eye's and softly painted features.  You can hear her say "I'm ready mommy"!    She was made in 1991.

 IP60-93  Angela ~ $18.00
Angela was created of the highest quality for the Design Debut Collection.  Every detail, from the hand casting of the porcelain.  The painting of facial expression, to the detailing of the garmens, is handcrafted with care by skilled artisans.   She is beautifully dressed.  Now if we can talk her into wearing some shoes.  It's a warm day and she's excited about the picnic they are about to go on, but wants to feel the grass on the bottom of her feet.  She stands 18" tall and comes with her stand.

 IP61-92  Katy ~ $15.00
Katy was created for the Design Debut Collection.  She's ready to go to her best friends birthday party.  An event they  have looked forward to for over a month.  With the present she will give in hand, she's ready.  They will play games and giggle and do all of the fun things little girls are known to do.
She stands16" tall.

 IP62-45  ~ $10.00
Girl in Blue - by Brinn's Collectable Doll.  Isn't she darling.  Dressed in blue with a layered white pinafore and a pretty blue bow in her hair.  She has long blonde hair with soft curls and an open mouth.  

IP63-15 Brown haired Brinn's Doll $15.00
                                                                                   IP64-16 Blonde haired Brinn's Doll $15.00
Here is an adorable porcelain girl dressed in plaid.  What a lucky girl she is, her mommy let her have a Popsicle.   And she thinks it's yummy.  She is careful in eating it, so that she doesn't get any on her pretty plaid dress with wide cotton eyelet.
She comes in both blonde and brown hair.  She is approx.  16" tall

 IP66-20  Chrissy ~ $18.00
Chrissy by Brinn's is a delightful little girl wearing a flannel checked dress with all of the trimmings.  She is ready for an adventure.  She stands approx. 13" tall.  She has short brown hair and the sweetest expression.

IP67-77  First Kiss ~ $55.00 (Originally $118.00)
Inspired by the classic childhood illustrations of Jessie Wilcox Smith in an exclusive edition for the Ashton Drake Galleries.  A first kiss can last a lifetime in your heart....He picked the flowers just for her and he glanced away.  But when she said "Oh, thank you!" in her sweetest voice, he turned back to face her.  Before he knew it, she leaned forward ever so slightly, and her pretty blue eyes looked straight into his.  But before he could bolt and run away, he found himself leaning forward too!  She puckered up...he puckered up...and their lips touched, light as a feather.  Approx. 12" tall.  They couldn't be cuter.

IP68-14  Brinn's Collectable Doll ~ $12.00
This little girl is ready for an outing.  She wants to find more flowers to give to her mommy and grandma.  She is approx. 16" tall and comes dressed in a cotton floral pink dress trimmed in lace, with two rosettes on each side of the bodice.  Her thick blonde hair is partially pulled into pony tails on each side and tied with ribbons.

 IP69-42  Melissa ~ $32.00
Melissa by The Danbury Mint is ready for Easter.  Dressed for Church in an adorable white dress with layers of ruffles and lace giving it a very full look and trimmed with pastel pink, yellow, and blue flowers and ribbon.  Topped with a delightful blue coat that is also lace trimmed around the sleeves and wearing a hat with the same floral trim as the dress.   She carries a small pink purse to hold some change and an Easter basket filled with wooden eggs.   She is very happy with her find.  She is approx. 15" tall and couldn't be cuter.

 IP70-21  Sarah ~ $14.00
Sarah sold by American Country Classics.  She stands approx. 17" tall.  She is dressed in an adorable dress with a sailor theme.  She also carries her little bag just perfect for collecting shells down by the seashore.

 IP71-41  Be My Valentine ~ $28.00
Be My Valentine by The Danbury Mint.   She's all dressed for school and her first Valentine's party.   She couldn't be more excited.  Her mommy let her scribble her name onto each of the cards that she will give out at the party.  Dressed in a pink dress with white lace trim and a frilly and lace trimmed white pinafore.  She stands 15" tall.

 IP72-35  Sara ~ $18.00
Sara - A Brinn's doll is as sweet as she can be.  Dressed in a beautiful dress of pink with lace over the top and a very sweet matching hat.  She's dressed in her Sunday's best.  She stands approx. 16" tall.

 IP74-75  Rosa ~ $22.00
Rosa was especially designed by artist Yolanda Bello for her 1993 Yolanda's World of Love Tour.  The exclusive edition ended forever on September 1, 1993 at which time the molds were broken.  She is hand crafted and hand painted and is a delightful doll.  Such a happy expression on her face.  She is approx. 11" tall.

IP75-1 Michael ~ $22.00
Michael made by Mervyn's is as playful as they come.  With his teddy bear in his lap, he is ready to move into your home and into your heart.  Approx. 11" tall sitting, he comes dressed in plaid slacks with a white shirt and solid green sweater and an adorable hat that matches the pants.

 JL 5 - Harvey Kinkle Doll from the Sabrina TV Series - NRFB ~ $5.00
Though the box does show some wear.

 JL 16 - Dr. No from the James Bond Series of dolls made as Limited Edition Dolls. He is in mint condition though there may be some wear to his box. $3.00