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Doll Hospital/Spa Information
This page will provide the information you will need prior to sending a doll or stuffed animal to us.
Please read the entire page.
Please Do Not send a doll or stuffed animal to us without contacting us first.  
Our Information is listed at the bottom of this page as well as, on the Order page.   
Follow the instructions below before sending your doll and please include with your doll or stuffed animal a check or money  for return shipping and insurance.
Please make sure you insure your package, as we are not responsible for packages that are enroute to or from us.  

1) Do Not Send a Stuffed Animal or Doll without Contacting Us First.
    Contact Us by Email  for mailing information
2)  Please include your Name, Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Dolls    
      Name, & what you would like done.  Example:  Wig, Body Work, Limb Repair or
      reattachment, etc...
3) Make sure your doll is packed properly to ensure a safe trip here.  There are many places available that can help with   
      packing or tips, if you need it.     
4)  When mailing your doll, please email us with the method you chose to mail
      your doll to us with, and also please remember to add insurance if needed.  
      Make sure you keep your shipping receipt because if there is a problem, you will
      need the receipt before you will be able to file a claim or track the shipment.
      Remember not to put Doll Hospital on your package as it only draws attention
      to what is in the package.  It is a good idea, however, to have your package    
      marked Fragile.

Once your doll or stuffed animal arrives.  We will look him or her over and get back to you with an Estimate.   If you decide at that time not to have him or her repaired or restored then the check you sent will be used to send him or her back home.
A deposit of half of the Estimate is required before restoration work can begin unless other arrangements have been worked out.  The remaining amount is due when the work is completed and Before it is returned to you.   There are no exceptions made here, Unless another payment arrangment has been made with us.  If you are sending more than one doll, a deposit of half of the Estimate on one of the dolls only is required with the balance on each of the other dolls paid as they are completed and prior to pick up or mailing.  If you decide to have the doll or dolls returned prior to their completion, the dolls will be sent home upon request but deposit is non refundable.   If you have any questions on this, please feel free to email us.  We always look forward to hearing from you.
Please do not ask for an estimate prior to the doll arriving as it is to difficult to tell what needs to be done with only descriptions and photos.  Because every doll is unique we can only give you an estimate by actually seeing the doll.  So many different parts and pieces have been used over time with similar dolls, it makes it impossible to be accurate with estimates.  I have done this in the past and it has only lead to unhappiness for everyone.  

Though we strive to complete the necessary repairs to your doll or stuffed animal as quickly as we can, We will take the time needed to ensure that the project is completed right.  Some projects can be done in a short time if nothing has to be ordered or made, while others can take much longer.  So you do need to keep in mind that good things can't be rushed.
For Patients entering the Children's Hospital ~ The Patients Name is Needed.  Without their name a ID Bracelet simply saying Baby will be provided if a bracelet is ordered.  We strive to make the length of stay for the Children's dolls and stuffed animals as short as possible.  But again, the time needed to do the project right will be taken. So it is important that you have discussed this with your children or child ahead of time so that they are comfortable with having their doll or stuffed animal sent to the hospital.  There is no guarantee on length of stay.  
If you choose to have your doll or stuffed animal returned to you prior to the restoration completion, the work that has been done will be subtracted from the amount that you have already paid and if there is still money owed, a prorated bill will be sent to you and must be received prior to the doll being shipped home.
For Reproduction dolls - They are made on a first come, first serve basis by list order.  No special preference is given.  If you decide at any point not to have the reproduction made, your deposit/payments made are non refundable.  Other than shipping.  If the shipping money is not used, it will be promptly refunded.  There are no exceptions to this rule.   Also, the time needed to make reproductions is taken and no time limit is listed.  They simply take the amount of time that they take.  Please consider all of these things before asking to be added to the list.  We do enjoy making the reproductions and enjoy watching them come to life in play, but they are a labor of love.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  We always enjoy hearing from you.

Disclaimer:  A Dolls Dressmaker & Doll Hospital & Owners are not responsible for damage to the doll during shipment to us or on return.  If properly packed and insured, this should not be a problem.
Again, if you need help or suggestions in packing your doll or dolls, please feel free to contact us.  Or take the items you wish to ship to a packing or shipping store and ask for their assistance.  They have supplies readily available upon request as well.  
We always look forward to hearing from you.