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Cloth Dolls, Bears, & More
Here is a listing of the stuffed animals and cloth dolls that are for sale.  Please check back often as we are continually updating and adding to our pages.   Also note, that if you are interested in buying an item from this page to please include the item number when you order.  We do have Layaway.  If you are interested in using the Layaway Plan, please email me at the link below.
Prices listed are negotiable.  

Cloth Dolls & Bears for sale:         
                                    Buy one / Get second one for 1/2 Price

 IPC1 ~ $30.00
Here's an adorable set.  At approx. 23" they couldn't be cuter.  

  IPC2 ~ $15.00
What a sweetie.  Her outfit is adorable and topped with a matching bow and lace up boots.  She stands 23" tall.

IPC3 ~ $19.99
This Homemade set have matching outfits, striped socks, & cloth shoes.  Rather than painted.  They are approx. 25" tall and have cotton cloth hair as well.  Very sweet set.

IPC4 ~ $8.00
This girl is a shelf sitter.  Her body is made from a piece of wood and so is her head.   Which allows her to sit securely on a shelf without the fear of toppling over.  She is approx.  21" tall.

 IPC5 ~ $8.00
This little folk art set  couldn't be cuter.  They each hold a heart that says "I love Andy"  and "I love Ann".   They have tied feet allowing them to dangle and are dressed in coordinating fabrics.  Ann with matching bows in her hair and Andy with his classic sailor hat.  They are approx. 12" tall.

IPC6 ~ $14.00
This set is so cute!   Raggedy Ann & Andy Angels.  Their wings are cloth and stuffed nicely.  They are shelf sitters and approx. 9" tall in the sitting position.  They are dressed in adorable matching outfits.  With painted facial features.

IPC7 ~ $12.00
A Classic Raggedy Ann & Andy.  With sewn facial features and the classic styled outfits.  They are approx. 14" tall.

IPC8 ~ $8.00
Here is a set of shelf sitters.  They are weighted on the bottom to keep them from toppling over.  Their heads are wood with darling painted features.  They are approx. 7" tall.

IPC9 ~ $10.00
This patriotic pair are ready for the 4th.  Dressed in matching outfits, he even is wearing a vest and tie.  They stand approx. 15" tall.

IPC10 ~ $10.00
This set is made to sit on a shelf.  They are approx. 7" tall in the sitting position.  They are dressed in matching outfits.  Her pinafore has "I love you" and a heart running along the bottom of it.  

IPC11 ~ $10.00
This chubby little guy is ready for adventure.  Standing at approx. 17".   

 IPC12 ~ $30.00
This adorable set is 22"/23" tall.  Dressed in coordinating blue outfits.  Him topped with a straw hat.  You can really see the twinkle in their eye's.

IPC13 ~ $15.00
This Patriotic Pair are ready to celebrate the 4th in a big way.   They are approx. 18"/19" tall.

IPC14 ~ $15.00
This roly poly set is so sweet.    Each has an overstuffed body with beaded filling in the bottom to allow them to sit securely on a shelf, etc...  They are also each holding a vintage wooden block.   They are 19"/20" tall.  

IPC15 ~ $25.00
This adorable bear is lightweight and able to be posed to sit just about anywhere.  She is wearing a sweet outfit and real baby shoes.  Topped with a matching bow in her hair.  She stands approx. 18"/19" tall

 IPC16 ~ $12.00
This little gal has a sad face.  Why?  I'm not sure.  She couldn't be dressed cuter.  But, I think we all a moment like this once in a while.  She stands approx.  20" tall.

IPC17 ~ $10.00
Here is a Raggedy Ann that wants to be an angel.  She wears a large heart in the center of her pinafore that says "I wanna B. an Angel".    She has a mohair type fibre for hair and rag ties tied around curls in a few different spots.    A large raffia bow around her neck, she stands approx.  22" from the top of her hair to the bottom of her feet.

IPC18 ~ $12.00
This folk art pair are simplistically dressed.  With painted facial features.  They stand  approx. 16" tall.

IPC19 ~ $18.00
This Ann has a real folk art look to her.  With rag tied bows in her hair and an adorable dress with pinafore with matching bloomers.  She is ready to jump into your heart and your home.  Approx. 23" tall.

IPC20 ~ $6.00
Here is a little set of shelf sitters.  They are approx. 5"/6" tall.

IPC21 ~ $8.00
This little guy stands 13" tall.  He is dressed in a darling blue overall with a heart on the front in red and a shirt that matches the heart.  He also comes with a matching hat.

IPC22 ~ $8.00
This little gal is approx. 11"/12" tall.  Her dress, pinafore, and bow are accented with a wooden heart.  She also has white bloomers.

IPC23 ~ $8.00
This cute hand crafted pair are made to hang on a wall or shelf.  

JLC2 ~ $35.00
Paddington Bear.  This guy has everything but his hat.  He has his original red rain boots, and blue coat with his tag that reads "Please Look After This Bear...Thank You".   He stands 19" tall.